Am lucrat in multe orase din Romania, iar din anul 2000 locuiesc in Bucuresti, unde lucrez ca programator si fotograf de motorsport.

Pasiunea pentru fotografie a inceput la o varsta foarte frageda. Prima mea camera foto a fost un LOMO SMENA cu obiectiv de 40mm F/4 (T-43) – camera pe film – iar asta se intampla in anii 80, cand aveam aproximativ 10 ani. In anii 90 am folosit o camera SLR chinezeasca, iar din 2001, cand camerele digitale au inceput sa fie accesibile ca pret, am folosit de la Kodak DC4800 pana la body-ul DSLR actual, Canon EOS 7D.

In 2009 pasiunea s-a transformat usor in profesie, am terminat o scoala de fotografie si am avut prima sedinta foto pentru 4Tuning. De atunci am colaborat cu multe publicatii online sau print, cum ar fi BestMusic, Motorsportnews sau Autoshow, si am participat la diverse evenimente sau sedinte foto in calitate de fotograf – concerte, evenimente auto, evenimente personale (nunti, botezuri).

I was working in many Romanian cities and from 2000th year I live in Bucharest, and now I work as a computer programmer and motor-sport photographer.

My first camera was an Russian LOMO SMENA with 40 mm f/4 T-43 lens (film camera) and this was happening in ’80s, when I was about 10 year old. In nineties I’ve used a Chinese SLR film camera and from 2001, when digital cameras was becoming a little bit accessible as price, I used from the compact Kodak DC4800 to my actual DSLR body, Canon EOS 7D.

In 2009 the passion has turned to professional, I have completed the photography school and had first assignments for 4Tuning. Since than, I have collaborated with many online/print publications, like MotorsportNews, BestMusic or Autoshow, and I have participated to events or photo sessions as photographer – concerts, auto shows or personal events like weddings.